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Keep my computer updating

“What we heard back most explicitly was that you want more control over when Windows 10 installs updates,” admits John Cable, Microsoft’s Windows director of program management.

“We also heard that unexpected reboots are disruptive if they happen at the wrong time.” To stop these random reboots, Microsoft is adding a new snooze option that appears in a new prompt to let you know there’s a Windows 10 update available.

Once you've got your browser of choice, keeping it updated is even easier.

Internet Explorer (IE) updates are included as part of Windows system updates, so as long as you keep Windows updated, so is IE.

OS X updates will be at the top of the list of available updates.

For standalone programs, take time to explore the program's menus and learn how to run the update process. Free Antivirus, there is an Update page on the Settings screen.Keeping your operating system updated is one of the most important steps in protecting yourself from viruses, malware, and other Internet security threats. If you don't know where the Control Panel is, check out this lesson in Windows Basics. It's safe to leave the computer and do something else while it finishes.In the search bar in the Control Panel, type update. Once it's done, Windows will probably prompt you to restart the computer.For most Internet users, your browser is your window to the Web.You use it to navigate to Web sites, and it displays those sites for you, allowing you to follow links and explore everything the web has to offer.

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The user interface for these privacy options looks a lot easier to understand, but EU regulators still want Microsoft to explain what types of personal data are processed when using Windows 10 features.

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