Dating games playing hard to get

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Dating games playing hard to get

But what if we don't know if someone really likes us or not? Gilbert of Harvard University recruited 47 female undergraduates.

How does uncertainty affect how we feel about someone else? The participants were told that male students from two other universities had looked at the Facebook profile of several college women, including their own profile.

But, guys, at least you know that when starting to date someone, not showing all of your feelings at the very beginning, and creating a bit of uncertainty about how much you like the girl, will make her think more about you thus increasing her interest in you. Sometimes I think women have the whole dating thing backwards.

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The answer might have something to do with salience.

And, why would we be more attracted to someone who we weren't even sure was really interested in us? The women were then shown the profiles of four men.

One group was told that they were looking at men who had liked their profile the most, the second group was told that they were viewing the men who had given them an average rating, and the last group (the uncertain condition) was told that they were viewing men who liked them either the most or had given them average ratings.

And this pertains to male-female interactions as well.

The problem concerning how to play hard to get is that many men and women go to an extreme and they do one of two things.

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Salience is a fancy word for how frequently you think about something.